Automated Pallets Manufacturer in Ireland



With 44 years experience, Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging is the largest automated pallet manufacturer in Ireland. We have modern facilities (state of the art warehouses, machinery, equipment etc.) and provide pallets and corrugated packaging solutions/boxes to most of Ireland’s largest Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing companies.

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    Staff Expertise

    Key to our operations is our staff who are an integral part of the success of Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging.  We employ nearly 100 staff across our 2 sites and are a tight-knit, service-focused team who know a thing or two about pallets and packaging (we’d want to after 44 years!), as well as the importance of providing a dependable, reliable and efficient service. Their training, experience and dedication ensure that our customers pallets or customised packaging order is produced, delivered and secure in their warehouse, as required.

    As a family business, our goal is to continue to serve our customers and contribute to both the local and national community.  We love what we do and can make quick decisions due to our fluid management style.



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    Our Core Objectives

    • Engaging with our customers to understand the demands of their business and their evolving needs
    • Communicating at a deep level to ensure we are continually meeting our customers’ requirements
    • Researching innovative pallet design techniques and advancements in corrugated packaging solutions for emerging trends
    • Maintaining accreditations and certifications to ensure compliance
    • Keeping up with trends and products to improve sustainability and efficiency
    • Continuous improvement to ensure greater efficiencies across our operations, facilities, machinery, supply chain etc.
  • Locations

    We serve the entire Irish market both North and South, from our 2 strategically located Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distributions facilities in Cork and Meath. This allows us to be reactive to our customer’s supply chain requirements and provide a first class service.


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