We can design and customise corrugated packaging solutions to meet our customers needs. These solutions can be plain non-printed or we can provide a wide range of print options such as:

  • Flexo print

    Flexographic or Flexo printing is the most commonly used printing process and allows users to print on most substrates/packaging product and therefore offers greater diversity and higher quality finishes to customers.  Flexo Printing uses quick drying, water based inks and is typically faster and less expensive to setup. Flexo Print is also available on Clay coated board

  • Litho print

    Lithographic or Litho printing typically works best on flat cardboard packaging and paper material and offers more options for finishes such as metallic inks, foils, speciality coating and embossing.  An extension of this includes Litho laminated packaging solutions which offers a super high quality varnish finish with greater versatility

  • Gold and Silver Foil finishes

    The foil stamping or application typically follows embossing/debossing process and can create a luxurious print finish for customers products

  • Pre Print

    This involves the printing of paper reels before corrugating and thus achieving a high quality finish at very competitive prices