The explosion of online shopping due to the coronavirus pandemic has seen e-commerce sales become an even more significant part of the retail offering across the world. As a result more businesses are now selling their products online, and those that were already selling online, are now selling more than ever.

One of the biggest challenges this increase in e-commerce brings for online retailers is how to get your products from your doorstep to your customer’s in one piece and in a way that properly presents your brand. That’s where we can help!

Whether you’re just starting out selling online, or an experienced online retailer, Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging offer you an extensive range of custom e-commerce packaging boxes and solutions that both protect and impress.

From plain or branded single, double wall and tri wall corrugated cardboard e-commerce boxes, shipping boxes, to folding box board (FBB) cartons or sleeves, and solid board packaging we’ll make sure that your products make it safely from your hands to your customers’ hands!

Custom Ecommerce Boxes Packaging Solutions
Solid Board Packaging for E-Commerce Solutions
Ecommerce Boxes Packaging
Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for E-Commerce Packaging
E-Commerce Packaging - Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging 
Packaging for Ecommerce Boxes

Whatever size, design or print finish you need, our highly experienced team are happy to help. Our in-house design and prototyping service can also provide samples and prototypes immediately to allow quick approval. Get in touch today.