Euro Pallets

EURO pallets

EURO pallets

Introduced back in the 1960s, the EURO pallet fast became an industry standard worldwide. It is estimated that there are more than 450 million of these pallets in circulation around the world today.

EURO pallets are branded with the EUR symbol, the EPAL logo and the date of manufacture.  They are a 4 sided wooden pallets, allowing access from all sides. They use a fixed number of timber boards (11 in total), wood chip or solid wood blocks (9 in total) and are nailed with 78 nails in a pre-defined pattern.

  • Licensed Manufacturer of Euro Pallets

    What is the a EURO pallet size or dimension?

    A EURO pallet, also known as a EUR pallet, EUR1 or EPAL pallet, has a standard European size of 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm.  Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging is a licensed manufacturer of EURO pallets according to the European Pallet Association EPAL standards.  Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging are the largest automated pallet fabricator of EURO pallets in Ireland and have the largest stock of EURO pallets for sale.  Our EURO pallet fabrication process is regularly audited by external inspectors to ensure that we are consistently compliant to the strictest EPAL quality assurance standards. This means that you are guaranteed of the highest quality product, every time.

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