Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes you can buy pallets of any size including length, depth, height, weight etc. from Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging. We will design a wooden pallet that will meet your needs.

We specialise in the manufacture and delivery of wooden pallets specifically Heat Treated, EURO (EUR, EUR1 or EPAL), Standard, Second Hand pallets and Custom Crates.

Pallets can be of different size, height, weight bearing etc. and customised to meet our customers needs.

A EURO pallet measures 1200mm x 800mm x144mm. They are a 4 sided pallet allowing accessibility from all sides, with a fixed number of timber boards (11 in total), wood chip or solid wood blocks (9 in total) and are nailed with 78 nails in a pre-defined pattern. Our EURO pallet fabrication process is regularly audited by external inspectors to ensure that we are consistently compliant to the strictest EPAL quality assurance standards.

Yes a EURO, EPAL, EUR1 or EUR pallet are all the same pallet.

A EURO pallet measures 1200 x 800mm whereas a standard pallet measures 1200x1000mm.

Yes, our pallets comply with ISPM15 and are independently calibrated to meet these requirements.

We can kiln dry and heat treat pallets in one of 10 onsite kilns.

Yes, we can brand your pallets, however we can only stamp Heat Treated pallets with the ISPM15 logo.

Yes we sell second hand pallets to our customers.

MCP buys second hand pallets that we can resell or use to repair other pallets. We grade the quality of second hand pallets for re-sale.

Once our customer tells us their requirements (size, weight requirements etc.), through the use of our Pallet Design System (PDS) computer software, we will design a pallet to meet your needs.

A remanufactured pallet is comprised of stringers and boards that have been recovered from disassembled pallets whereas a reconditioned pallet is a repaired pallet.

Our custom crates can be designed to whatever shape, size, weight requirements, specifications that our customers require.

Yes, we can custom design packaging through the use of our inhouse designer and supply printed packaging solutions to meet our customers needs

We can supply you with a prototype to ensure that the box meets your requirements.

Yes, typically we can supply any kind of corrugated packaging solution to our customers.

Yes, we specialise in the supply of corrugated packaging solutions.

Following an initial briefing our in-house graphic designer can design the artwork for your packaging product.

Of course you can, however depending on its use Shelf ready packaging

Yes, we can supply both food grade and non-food grade packaging.

We have been in the industry with over 28 years and have seen most packaging solutions and we are happy to share this experience with you to and ensure your satisfaction with same.

Again, we have been in the industry with over 28 years and aim to provide you with a cost effective packaging solution. We can review alternative packaging options with you to ensure you are fully satisfied.

We can supply FSC certified packaging and 100% recyclable packaging solutions. However please note that not all packaging is suitable to on FSC certified paper and/or recyclable paper, therefore, please always enquiry.

This typically depends on the packaging product but typically economies of scale do apply. However, we will always outline the minimum order quantity on our quotes.

Tooling for custom packaging is the physical blueprint that has to be created to fit your specific packaging requirement and is unique to each and every job.

It is the mantra of MCP that our customers should receive their packaging on time, every time. We have a large network of hauliers that can delivery your product all over Ireland and the UK.

MCP conduct rigorous quality checks of our packaging suppliers and packaging product to ensure that it meets our customers needs.