We provide an extensive range of SHELF READY corrugated boxes & specialised packaging solutions including:

  • All FEFCO style boxes/codes

    Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging provide the widest range of corrugated packaging solutions to its customers and specialise in the delivery of all FEFCO style boxes/codes.  FEFCO is an internationally recognised system developed by The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. FEFCO codes are an official system that refers to box and packaging construction with simple codes. All FEFCO boxes have a four-digit code, where the first two digits comprise of the styles category and the second two digits represent the unique box style within the category. FEFCO style boxes are highly customisable including size and design and precisely meet the requirements of Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging customers.

  • Die Cut Packaging Solutions

    These are specially designed to perfectly fit our customers unique packaging needs in terms of shape and size

  • 4/6 point glued trays

    4/6 point corner cartons or trays are typically used as either a lid and/or base

  • All fluting types

    Including E, B, C, BC and EB (generally the larger the flute (e.g. B, C) the greater the strength and cushioning of the packaging product)

  • Food Packaging boxes

    Used to protect and transport foodstuff to consumers