Pallets For Sale incl. new pallets, second hand pallets, EURO pallets, standard pallets



Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging are the largest manufacturer and supplier of pallets in Ireland.

Wooden Pallet Manufacturing, Ireland and UK

From Food & Beverage, to Pharmaceutical; from Medical Devices to Manufacturing; and from Dairy to Digital Technology, our wooden pallets have carried more products and types of products across our 44 years than we could begin to imagine!  As well as being renowned for producing the highest quality pallets for sale in the industry, we are known for a customer service that is second to none.  From the expedient processing of orders, through to assembly, shipping and after-sales, we guard this reputation fiercely.

  • Wooden pallets for sale, with nationwide distribution
    Buy Wooden Pallets from Ireland's leading manfacturer

    What sort of pallets do we supply?

    We supply the widest range of industrial and shipping pallets, and ancillary products on the island of Ireland, including:

    • Heat Treated Pallets – Click here for further information about our ISPM 15 standard heat treated pallets
    • EURO Pallets – Click here for further information
    • Second Hand Pallets – Click here for further information
    • Custom Crates – Click here for further information
    • Standard Pallet (is a standard-sized pallet measuring 1200mm x 1000mm)
    • 4 Way Pallets (allows the forks of a forklift to enter on all four sides)
    • 2 Way Pallets (allows the forks of a forklift to enter on only two sides)
    • Plastic Pallets (due to their nature, these are more durable than the traditional timber pallet and are favoured by specific industries)
    • Aluminium Pallets (utilised mainly by the food and pharmaceutical industry because of their hygienic properties)
    • Pallet Wrap (as the name suggests we supply a wide range of both machine and hand pallet wrap solutions)
    • Dunnage solutions (various options available to secure/lock down cargo during transportation)
    • Pallet Corner Pieces (also known as protectors, they are available in various sizes and help to secure the external structure of a pallet, keeping your produce secure within)

    If you are not sure about which is the right type of pallet for your needs, our highly experienced team can help. Get in touch today.


If you have any further questions about how your pallets are designed, manufactured, and stored, please click here to contact us now.